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Dog Training Classes in Surrey

Dogs learn best when they are provided with a positive learning environment, have clear boundaries and understand what is expected from them.

If you want to have fun with your dog and teach him or her to be a wonderfully well-behaved pet, then our training centre is the place for you and your dog. We use a reward based, clicker training method to achieve the best results.

Puppy Kindergarten

Socialization and basic skills for puppies ages 12-20 weeks old.

A fun way to build positive behaviours that can a last a lifetime.

Basic Obedience I

Good manners and basic skills on leash. Sit, Stay, Down, Heel and Come when called.

For dogs six months and older.

Basic Obedience II

All basic skills off-leash.

For dogs six months and older, must perform all basics readily on leash.

Agility Intro

A fun class for any dog. Introduction to an agility course.

All dogs must be at least 1 year old and have an understanding of basic obedience.

Special Training

We also offer behaviour assessments and problem solving, individual instruction, and residential remediation training.

Classes Information

Classes run for 7 sessions. For the first lesson we request that dogs do not attend.

For all classes dogs must be up-to-date on their annual canine boosters, bordetella, and rabies vaccines. Proof of vaccinations is required.

See our rates and classes schedule.

Visit our training facilities, or call us for more information.

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